Thursday, June 25, 2009


this morning J and I stopped at the "dandelion fountain" --a place I remember from my own childhood (though, I'm not sure why...we rarely ventured into the city when I was young. Hm.) The kids have been fascinated by this since they first saw it earlier this week when we were driving around killing time, waiting for L's preschool program to start. As soon as we dropped L off at school J started requesting a trip.

It rained early this morning, one of those wonderful, early summer rains, dumping buckets of fat raindrops all over, with the low rumbles of thunder urging me out of bed. I love summer thunderstorms. By the time we dropped L off at school the rain had stopped and the sun was out. The grass in Loring park was wet and the sidewalks were steamy.

We walked around the fountain and watched the water pour from one pool to the next. We felt the spray of mist on our faces. J watched a pigeon land and we listened to its wings, like crisp fabric flapping as it took off. Another bird landed on one of the drain thingies-and J was intrigued as it munched bugs and bits of seeds, then flew straight through the mist from the dandelion and off to a tree.

"Bath! Bath! Bird took bath!" he yelled.

Then he noticed the rainbow. The morning sun was shining through the droplets of water just so, and we were treated with a long, wide rainbow. J reached out eagerly. "Grab, grab" he said. "Touch rainbow"

"We can't touch the rainbow, because it's made of the sun hiding in the water." I told him.

"pleeeeeeease" he begged.

We watched the rainbow a few times, then the church bells started to peal in the distance. I'm not even religious but it was a moment I will never forget. A perfect moment with my sweet boy.

When it was time to go we walked around the fountain a couple of times, watching the rainbow disappear and reappear. "Bye rainbow," he said as we walked away, "lub you."

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