Wednesday, July 29, 2009

strange and wonderful

What was I thinking not telling you this? We were in our first Art Car parade. We decided to make an art car after I co-taught a class this winter with an art car artist from the area. She was such an inspiration, and I thought it would be a great way to art car is such a great way to get people talking and asking questions, and what better way to teach about the environment? So we came up with a theme (water), worked with an artist to make a sketch on the car, and brought the car to a few community events where it was painted and decorated with love. Now my kids flat out refuse to ride in The Other Car.

This past weekend we cruised around Lake Harriet with lots of other art cars, some beautiful, some slightly scary, but all very unique and creative. There were also Art Bikes, weaving through traffic...and we even saw Santa on roller skates. The kids loved it and we learned which one of us is the social butterfly of the family (hint: it's not me). We had a fantastic time. Click here for a news clip from after the parade. Note: the website makes you sit through a short commercial before the news clip comes on. Bleah

PS: the whole teaching-with-a-car-thing? It's going pretty well. Kids everywhere really respond to the car and want to love it up and touch it. Adults ask questions. OK, they're less often about water quality than about Art Cars in general, but still, it seems to make people smile.

And, sadly, this is the best picture I currently have of the car! I'll go and get a better one as soon as there is some daylight.

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  1. Cool!

    The first time Ingrid saw an art car, she said, "Is it *polite* to do that to a car?"