Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What we can do

This morning on the way to L's school, J noticed a huge flock of pigeons whooshing over the top of a building.

"Look at all those birds!" he exclaimed.

The kids wondered why they were in such a large group. I told them that it was a chilly morning, and birds often roost on rooftops or other sunny places in the mornings to stay warm.

"How come we can't fly?" L asked.

"Well, flying is something really special isn't it? It's something that only animals can do -only birds, and insects, and bats. There are lots of special things that people can do that animals can't do. Can you think of a few?" I asked.


"Well," I began, hoping to get them started. "People can write, draw pictures, color, talk..."

"Give. People can give." L said.


Here's something to try:

Today, why not look at an animal and talk with your children about what that animal can do that makes it special. Maybe it's something people can't do. Maybe it's something that people do, but differently. For example, how do squirrels climb trees? How do they eat? How do animals talk to each other?


  1. Great idea. And lovely comment by L.
    Noah once burst into tears when he was 2 because he realized he'd never be a "real" monkey with a tail. And Ollie still holds out hope that he can fly someday. No bunk beds for him until he's willing to give up the cape...

    I think you're right on about the truth-telling, BTW. They may not know about this specific instance, but I think that on a profound level, they'll see you as someone who tells the truth.

  2. tell Ollie that I am *still* holding out hope to fly someday...