Saturday, April 20, 2013

101 things to do outdoors with children-go on a virtual book tour~

OK, so this doesn't actually count as one of my 101 things...but I wanted to briefly interrupt the list of 101 things to let you all know about a most exciting development.....
The "Greener Earth" virtual book tour!

In celebration of Earth Day, I'll be featuring several earth-friendly, natural parenting and outdoor-oriented websites here, and in turn, they're featuring my "Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth" book.

I'm so excited to have this support for the book, and I do hope you'll visit their sites and check them out! I'll be continuing to add to our "101 things" list as we go, so come back often!!

Thanks for your support.

Here's the schedule for the Virtual Book Tour:

April 25: Ms. Mindbody
April 30: Sellabit Mom 
May 8: Mama Sweat 
May 9: Slow Family Online
May 13: CafeMom (week long Q and A)

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  1. Your book is a rad resource for mammas like me and teachers alike! Adding you to my links at :)